You can also read my Teaching Statement for more details on my past teaching experiences and teaching philosophy.

I have co-supervised the following graduate and undergraduate students:
  • Vahid Jamali, visiting PhD Student from University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Aug. 2017-Dec. 2017)
    Project: Design and Analysis of Reactive Molecular Communication Systems
  • Bonhong Koo, visiting PhD student from Yonsei University (Feb. 2017-Oct. 2017)
    Project: Machine Learning Approach to Design of In-Vessel Molecular MIMO
  • Jonathan Griffin, Stanford undergraduate student (Spring 2017)
    Project: An Automated Web Assessable Experimental Platform for Molecular Communication
  • David Pan, Stanford undergraduate student (Summer 2017)
    Project: Machine Learning for Molecular Communication Channels
  • Liam Hassen Neath, Stanford undergraduate student (Spring 2016)
    Project: Simulation of Chemical Reactions and Chemical Signal Propagation
  • Lida Jabbari, MSc student (2014-2015)
    Project: Optimal Detection Algorithms for a Tabletop Molecular Communication Setup
  • LinChen Wang, MSc student (2013–2014)
    Project: Communication Through Chemical Tags for Robotics
  • Na-Rea Kim, visiting PhD Student from Yonsei University (Summer 2013)
    Project: Modeling Molecular Communication Systems with Metal-Oxide Detectors
  • Anthony Calce, MSc student (2010-2011)
    Project: Implementation of Fractional Cooperation in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Advanced Communication Networks (graduate course, enrollment: 21) Winter 2015
  • Signals and Random Processes (third-year course, enrollment: 45, evaluation: 78/100) Fall 2012
  • Signals and Random Processes (third-year course, enrollment: 46, evaluation: 86/100) Fall 2011
Teaching Assistant
  • EECS1021: Object Oriented Programming from Sensors to Actuators (Winter 2015)
  • EECS3451: Signals and Systems (Fall 2014)
  • CSE4215/CSE5431: Mobile Communications (Winter 2014)
  • CSE2011: Fundamentals of Data Structures (Summer 2013)
  • CSE4214: Digital Communications (Fall 2012)
  • CSE3215: Embedded Systems (Winter 2012)
  • CSE3451: Signals and Systems (Fall 2011)
  • CSE4411: Database Management Systems (Summer 2011)
  • CSE1560: Introduction to Computing for Mathematics and Statistics (Winter 2011)
  • CSE4214: Digital Communications (Fall 2010)
  • CSE3451: Signals and Systems (Fall 2009)
  • CSE4214: Digital Communications (Fall 2009)
  • CSE1520: Computer Use: Fundamentals (Winter 2009)
  • CSE1020: Introduction to Computer Science I (Winter 2009)
  • CSE4471: Introduction to Virtual Reality (Fall 2008)
  • CSE3215: Embedded Systems (Winter 2008)
  • CSE1020: Introduction to Computer Science I (Fall 2007)