Please note that these topics are prerequisites for the course and it is assumed that you are already familiar with most of these topics. Use these resources to quickly bring yourself up to speed with any areas that you are not comfortable with.

Linear Algebra
Multivariate Calculus
See the Khan Academy video series. More specifically, these specific videos are very relevant to the course.
Basic Probability
  • Video on (we will use Python 3.7 in this course) installation of Python and Jupyter Notebook. Assignments must be submitted in python.
  • A great interactive tutorial on Python. You can open it in Google Colab and interact with the code.
  • Video on running Google Colab. This is not required for the course, but it is good to be aware of it and optionally use it if you like.
  • An in-depth video for learning Python. Use the slider in the video to go to the topics that you are of interest to you.
Other Resources on Machine Learning and Deep Learning